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Elie's Freehand Pipes: Elie Bosmans, La Baysse, F - 24800 Vaunac, France.

Siret (company registration number): 799 573 233 00019

About waranty:

My A, and S-grade pipes (incl. Elie's metal pipes) may be returned unsmoked and by registered and insured mail only, within 3 days after arrival (online tracking as proof), if you are not satisfied about it. In that case, I cannot refund: shipping costs (yours and mine), nor handling costs, nor Xe/Paypal fees, nor taxes. If some kind of discount (example: free handling charges) or free goods have been given: they will also be substracted from the refund. A re-publishing fee (site) of €10,00 can also be substracted. Smoked pipes can only be returned if serious material flaws have appeared within three months after purchase. R (reject, low cost), estate pipes are not guaranteed. They are sold 'as is'.

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THIS CONVERTER GIVES THE RATES AT THIS VERY OWN MOMENT. DETERMINED BY THE FINANCIAL MARKETS. I HAVE NO SAY WHATSOEVER IN IT, I DON'T CONTROL WALL STREET. (If tomorrow, $1.00 = €1,00, as at the introduction of the €, I would still get the same amount of money). Note: Paypal rates are around $0.05 more expensive than the official rates. Please, if you can, avoid payments by Paypal: it's the most expensive way of online payment for you and me. Besides that: Paypal = 100% eBay company and we don't have the same moral standards. To be avoided.  Universal Currency Converter ®

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Non-Eurozone (USA, UK,etc.) customers are requested to pay by PayPal, and in Euros only.

Sorry, but I cannot accept any kind of checks. It takes too much time, and sending it involves too many risks. Moreover: European banks charge around 15-16% on clearing a foreign check.

Eurozone customers (customers who have the Euro as their national currency): please pay only by bank transfer. It is free of charge, according to EU laws. If you still insist on paying by PayPal, you need to add 4,50% to the total amount (shipping costs included) for PayPal fees. I’m sorry to have to take this measure, but my prices are already very sharp.


Reservations are not made anymore, unless a non-refundable downpayment of at least 25% is done. Special, custom build orders can only be accepted after a downpayment of 50% has been made (not required for 'not-too-special-orders). Special orders under €120,00 (excl. shipping) can normally not be accepted anymore.

Shipping info

Your pipe or other order will be shipped after full payment has been received.

Minimum order is €45,00 (excl. shipping)

Orders above €75,00 (excl.shipping): only actual shipping costs +30%, although order picking, packing, communication with the customer, preparing customs documents, driving to the far away post-office, etc. etc. takes a lot of time.

Orders between €45,00 and €75,00 (excl.shipping): actual shipping costs +30%. If customs documents need to be made: add also €8,00. This only covers a minor fraction of the time spend, income taxes to be paid, Paypal fees, driving to the post-office and standing in line there for min. 15min. etc.. Being a pro, I can only make a profit on orders above €75,00 (excl. shipping). In this case of micro-orders: your parcel cannot be shipped immediately. In case I have another shipments to send or need to be in town for shopping, etc.: shipping is done. (I ship at least ones/2 weeks). If you need immediate shipping: €12,00 for driving to the post-office will be charged. This covers only a minor fraction of the real costs.

Why the 30% on the actual shipping costs? As a professional, working under a very simplified tax- and health-insurance system, I'm being charged, based on the raw total of the invoice, so also on the shipping costs. Because I always loose on shipping (see above), this additional loss can no longer be taken by me. Sorry about that.

Shipping will mostly be done by French Postal ('La Poste'), by registered mail (tracking available). The fees automatically include insurance (no surcharge). If you explicitly decide not to take registration, I cannot be held responsible. Sorry about that. While most people are honest, time has learned that there are other ones. Moreover: I tried a few times shipping unregistered to the USA. Packages took between 11 and 13 WEEKS to arrive, due to US border security measures. Registration fees (for all countries): R1 = €4,30 registration (sign for) includes insurance for a fixed compensation of €45,00 / R2 = €5,30 registration (sign for) includes insurance for a fixed compensation of €150,00. For France, Belgium, Luxemburg, UK, Portugal, Spain and Italy: there is also Mondial Relay shipping available. Pick-up method (in your neighborhood), proof of shipping and tracking. Even cheaper.

For shipping outside the European Union

Please don't ask me to declare a lower value or to send it as a gift on the customs documents. French tax system is very strict and waterproof. No backdoors available. Import taxes in your country (IF it's the case) need to be payed by the customer.

All pipes are packed with utmost care. If you don't trust it anyway, or you would like to have it proudly displayed at home or offer it as a nice gift: for €30,00 supplement you will receive your pipe in an adapted, upholstered nice wooden box. With my seal on it. There is no limit on this offer: it might even be an R-grade pipe. In case you order a wooden box: shipping prices are a bit higher, of course.

shipping boxes

Important: Models of boxes may change from time to time. These are examples that are momentarily available. Boxes are chosen by me, in accordance to the model and size of the pipe."

shipping boxes

shipping boxes

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