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E-Delacour pipes are made, starting from raw cut bowls.  Some from long gone pipe factories of Saint Claude, France.  Others are made out of premium Tuscan briar, semi-raw materials from well known, high end factories from Italy.
These pipes are between 90-98% 'Made by Elie', and have the same excellent smoking qualities as those, made 100% by me.  I could have claimed they were entirely made by me 
(some other people do, even sell them on eBay as 'freehand pipe', even 'handmade pipe' !), but: "Honesty is the best policy". Why pay at least double for pipes that were made exactly the same way ?
 An E-Delacour is an honest, nice looking, very good smoking pipe with lots of value for less money.  They are all unique in their own right.  Enjoy !

 =  E-Delacour Pearl = Very High Quality

Nice pipe
Nice pipe
Nice pipe
E-Delacour 97
Weight = 52grs
Length = 110mm (horiz.)  145mm (diag.)
Width = 36mm
Height = 61mm
Tobacco chamber = 21mm
Lip = 18mm
Materials: Italian (Tuscan) briar / acrylic mouthpiece (hand modified and improved standard)
125,00 (pipe sock incl.)

Nice pipe
Nice pipe
Nice pipe
Fine affordable pipe
Tobacco pipe
E-Delacour 90  
Weight = 38grs
Length = 177mm
Width = 33mm
Height = 45mm
Tobacco chamber = 20mm
Lip = 17mm
Materials: Italian (Tuscan) briar + exotic wooden ring + ebony wooden disc  / acrylic mouthpiece: amber with white ring, hand modified and improved standard
115,00 fleece pipe sock incl.

Tobacco pipe
Tobacco pipe
Tobacco pipe
E-Delacour 71  

Tobacco pipe
Tobacco pipe
Tobacco pipe

E-Delacour 98= SOLD

Tobacco pipe
Tobacco pipe
E-Delacour 66

Sorry, SOLD

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