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(the pictured Corian model is not available anymore)

This cooling system is designed and 'hand' made, by Elie's Freehand Pipes.

It forces the smoke to pass along the major part of the aluminum body.  Result: a very cool and dry smoke.

 ESuperKool Aluminum
Example of today's ESK-system

Note: please notice the rounded mazes: easier cleaning and no turbulence.

Examples of earlier models (straight mazes):

These systems are very strong, but also very light: only 7 grs !
These are only examples. All are already sold.


Mouthpieces, including the ESuperKool system:
Starting from a rough standard black Vulcanite one: 47,00
Starting from a rough standard black Vulcanite + acrylic ring: 49,00
Acrylic starting from a rough acrylic mouthpiece: 53,00
Fully handmade mouthpiece acrylic: 68,00 (many colors, chart on simple demand)
Fully handmade mouthpiece ebonite (black / black-green / black-
olive / black-brown / black-burgundy): 68,00

The width of the lip (for handmade mouthpieces only) will be made to your choice, no surcharge.

Ultimate cooling and filtering:
the 'David'

Designed by David, a customer, made by Elie on special order.

ESuperKool + 9mm filter.
Can be made out of bar-acrylic or ebonite.
Many colors available.
Only on special order.
Price: 89,00/each

ETK (E-TubeKool) Aluminum

This new system is somewhat simpler than the
ESuperKool.  Just a bit less effective in drying
and cooling.  But still well efficient and the price is lower:
This one here above (ETK_01) = 39,00
More off-the-shelf: coming soon.

Simple mouthpieces

(no ESuperKool, no E-TubeKool system)


Simple black mouthpiece: 15,00

(Logo is on the side or on the top)


Marble gray: 19,00     Marble ivory: 19,00

(Logo is on the side or on the top)

These mouthpieces are entirely hand made by Elie's Freehand Pipes, starting from liquid epoxy resin.  If you want a unique and very personal touch to your pipe: this is it !


EKool Filter (6mm / 9mm)

These mouthpieces can be equipped with a 6mm filter.  Filters are not included in the price, but are available. 


Mouthpieces that can be equipped with a standard 9mm filter:


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