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Replacement bowls for


& Complete 'Falcon by Elie'-pipes: Scroll down, please.

These bowls and pipes, shown here below, are the very last ones.
Making those bowls is very complicated, time consuming and risky.  Economically not viable anymore.  Sorry....

Please note:  for purchases of bowls, to be shipped outside  the European community, I have to pack well, make customs- and registering documents, pay Paypal fees, drive to the post-office (and stand in line there for 15min.), etc.  Therefor, I had to set the minimum order at €45,00 (excl. shipping).  Between €45,00 and €75,00, there are handling fees of €8,00.  Being a professional artisan, paying taxes etc., there's no profit on orders below €75,00.  Thank you for your understanding.
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All bowls with no specific indication = BRIAR
O-ring = heat resistant silicone
For inch-users:

      OR USE:


Bowls for Falconฎ by Elie (uniques)

With heat resistant silicone O-ring and hardened (and tasteless) epoxy threaded foot, fixed firmly with resin and brass screws or brass nails.


EFA31: €52,00/H=55mm  //  EFA32: €52,00/H=54mm


EFA33: €47,00 (slightly off-center) / H=50mm  // EFA34: €52,00/H=57mm  //  EFA35: €49,00/H=37mm

EFA 10= €45,00/each
This bowl is not briar, but strawberry tree wood.  Smokes very sweet and lasts long.
EFA24: strawberry tree wood
EFA26: briar + strawberry tree wood

'Falcon by Elie' (complete) pipes
New (NOS) unsmoked bodies

EFAB #12
Body Falcon: burgundy color
Casting: FDF
Bowl = strawberry tree wood (smokes very sweet / very long lasting)
Mouthpiece = dental
€65,00 (incl. pipe sock)

EFAB #17
Body Falcon: blank aluminum
Casting: FDG
Bowl = very old Grecian briar

€75,00 (incl. pipe sock)

EFAB #13

EFAB #14

EFAB #15

EFAB #16

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