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Hello, I am Elie. I'm a pipe carver, making hand made, freehand tobacco pipes. Formerly situated in Belgium, I'm now living and working in the Périgord Vert, Dordogne, France.
There's not that much to be told about me. I'm a mostly self taught pipe maker who is passionate about this art of carving freehands out of briar. As you will notice from the images: I don't stick to one style, one material. Mostly not traditional, not standard. I like to stretch the boundaries of traditional handmade pipes. My aim is to create beauty on a few square inches.

As you will also notice: my prices are moderate. 'Wholesale' prices, due to direct sale from pipe maker to pipe smoker. Considering most pipe retailers sell for double and more than they bought from the artisan: double my prices, and you will know what my pipes would cost there.

About quality : I have 3 grades.
A: High end. Collector's grade.
S: Smokers' grade. (Might sometimes, but not always, have tiny imperfections, hardly noticeable, like a small sandpit.)
R: Reject. In this case, something went wrong, but perfectly smokable pipe.

I hope you will enjoy my pipes and my site. Thank you for visiting and bookmark me please.

"I wasn't born to follow"


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