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Bad news for me and my UK customers...

Due to the Br exit, I won't be able to ship to the UK for the time being.  Probably for a very long time.  If ever.  I'll explain:
In a childish way, the UK government has decided to bully EU traders and to discriminate them from the rest of the world: only EU merchants, not the rest of the world, have to apply for an EORI identification number (UK VAT registration). Further more: we need to apply VAT of 20% on the total invoice and pay that VAT to the UK government.  NO OTHER countries in the world are submitted to that rule.  Not even the Chinese.  (SOME randomly picked out Chinese/American,etc. parcels will be checked by UK Customs and charged with VAT)  Makes us 20% less cheaper, and makes us loose lots of time in administration.  Pure and utter bullying in a hateful way.  Also: my trusted shipping company has scrapped the UK from her destination list.  Moreover, my type of micro-enterprise is not allowed to charge VAT, so there you have it: I'm blocked completely from selling to my UK-customers.
If you insist, you can ask a friend/relative in the EU to buy and forward the parcel as a gift. I can't do that.  Saves you 20%. Shipping to that 3th party will be free of charge in many cases.  My responsibility over the shipment ends on the arrival at the third party.  Sorry about all this, but that's where it stands at the moment.  If other rules come into place (which I doubt), I will post them.
Thank you so much, Brexit-voters.


3 NEW 'The Shire' Hobbit pipes


Jules Verne #28

Not really 'new', but I discovered that no-one could have found the 'WHEELS-series' during the years, due to a misdirecting link on the buttons.
Here's one: (click on the picture to see this one and the others)

Steppenwolf is back after 9 years !

18 new bowls for Kirsten pipes

For customers with a low currency vs. the , like the
UK, Russian Republic, etc., free gifts may apply.  Please inquire.

35% off on (already) bargain pipes.
(Clearance of pipes of other brands.)



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