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This series of all unique pipes is, as always,  'hand made', so not by automated CNC (computer-guided) machines that produce another brand of system pipes.

C C & C #01
This 2 bowl pipe-set is equipped with the ESK (Elie's Super Kool) system.

Front button is conical, with a heat-resistant silicone O-ring.
€175,00 (included the 2 bowls + acc.s: see image)
You can add (off the shelf) bowls to it, to make a set.  All EKool bowls will fit.
EKool bowls:

For an additional €30,00, a custom upholstered wooden box will be made.

And these are your accessories (included in the price):
  • high quality Cr.-Van screwdriver (Made in Germany)
  • Round cleaning brush
  • Some pipe cleaners
  • 1 heat resistant silicone replacement O-ring
  • Some high temp. (1100C) anti-seize compound
  • A hand made fleece pipe sock
More information:
The mouthpiece was made out of Vulcanite (Ebonite) + acrylic tenon.
Bowl: old Grecian briar.

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