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Pipe Cleaning and Maintenance

Pipe Tools

Pipe tool with wooden inlay: 7,00

Pipe nail PN01: 1,00

Pipe nail Brebbia: 2,50

Pipe tool 01: 2,00
Pipe tool 02: 3,00

Pipe tool 04 Akira (stainless steel): 7,00

Pipe tool 07: 8,00

Pipe tool 11: 9,00

Pipe reamers

Italian pipe reamers


Danish pipe reamers

Made in Denmark

Available in 17mm


Pipe cleaners

2,50 (50 HARD cleaners)

2,80 (100 SOFT cleaners)

Pipe Maintenance / Wax

Set of  1 polishing brush (model will vary, the model on the image above is no longer available) / 1 small application brush / 15grs of Halcyon II professional pipe wax.

(Paragon is not available anymore.)


15grs of Halcyon II  professional pipe wax: 10,00euros

Note from the manufacturer: "Halcyon II professional pipe wax is a blend of waxes that has a melting point that is 30 degrees higher than carnauba.  Nearly 200 degrees. This helps the wax to survive the heat of pipe smoking. Moreover, this blend is harder and more durable than any other micro crystalline wax on the market."  "...Best of all, has virtually no odor."

Best for rusticated and sandblasted pipes, but also for smooth surface pipes.

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