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Please, read this first:

Some of these limited series of low priced  EKool Naked Pipes here are 'seconds': the type of coating on the painted pipes may not be very resistant, depending on the way you use and treat this pipe.  Others are spray-painted by an industrial painter with a special aluminum coating.  Because of the very low prices  of these pipes, I cannot give warranty on the paint-job.  There might also be imperfections on the coating (damaged), on the bowl and/or on the mouthpiece (logo).  But never, there will be functional flaws, and: they are strong and cool smoking pipes.  These pipes ARE NOT REAMED.  Due to difficulties in reaming them without damaging the paint, they also can no longer be reamed on request.  This means that, if you would buy one, you cannot insert an ESuperKool system later on.

But still: nice and very low priced pipes (available as long as stock lasts).

This is the type of mouthpiece, some with logo, others without:

All these pipes here below: 1 pipe = €25,00

2 pipes = €40,00     3 pipes = €52,00

No pipe sock incl. / Sold as is / No modifications allowed

Note: all pipes have the same sizes.


EKNPbr: Brushed aluminum body.  Bowl is completely smooth or partially rusticated, whatever is ready in stock.
Because of the low price, no individual pictures will be provided.

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