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These models are creations by Elie.

The bodies of the EKool Curved are aluminum made, and are equipped with a high temperature (250°C) hand made red silicone washer to avoid leaking of tobacco juice, a common problem with vintage system pipes.  Another improvement is the use of high temperature (1100°C) anti-seize compound, preventing the front plug from getting blocked (like with Kirsten®, etc.).

Bowls for EKool Curved:



Anodized body: color and scratch-resistant
Matt-black: the top in cooling and drying
Mouthpiece = acrylic





A complete set of EKool Curved Boxed:
Includes all that is pictured as an example here below:
- 3 bowls in total: make your free choice from the available ones:

- A pipe sock
- Anti-seize compound (1100°C)
- 1 spare red silicone ring (that you probably won't ever need)
- ESuperKool mouthpiece-system
- The chosen aluminum body
- 1 brass hollow mounting screw
- 1 round nylon cleaning brush
- A custom upholstered wooden box (color of box and fabric might be different)

- 1 CrV screwdriver (made in Germany)
Set, equipped with EKC12: €165,00
Set, equipped with EKC13: €167,00
Set, equipped with EKC14: €173,00

This one is SOLD (example)

Bowls                  Mouthpieces


Naked Pipe                           Bodies

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