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KIRSTEN® E-Style - set

by Elie

#05 Magnum

Some other views:

Kirsten® by Elie #05
- Pipe can stand with each bowl mounted
- New, unsmoked 'Designer' body 'DB' with black&grey flamed new origin. acrylic mouthpiece
- KB 108 / 109 / 110 Unique (NEW) briar magnum bowls by Elie (to be used without the adapter)
- Magnum Kirsten® meerschaum bowl: estate, refurbished, in very good condition
- 1 screw per bowl
- Custom upholstered wooden box
- Some high temp. anti-seize compound
- CrV screwdriver (made in Germany)
- Pipe sock
- A round nylon cleaning brush

An Elie Super Kool system can be ordered for this pipe for an additional fee.
Look here for more details and for some examples:

Note: systems, screws, bowls and other parts for Kirsten can be found here too.

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