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Kool Comrade

Elie's Comrades and ESuperKool have been merged into one, heavy duty system pipe, that smokes cool and dry:
'A pipe for a lifetime !'

Simple, but excellent bowl-locking mechanism, ESuperKool system for a real cool and dry smoke, and heat resistant silicone O-rings.

KoolComrades will only be made in a very limited series, until end of stock of Quiet Comrade bodies.

Set with 1 body, 3 bowls and the ESK-system.


Kool Comrade set #07

147,00 (incl. pipe sock, round cleaning brush and CrV screwdriver 'made in Germany')
This set can also be bought in a custom upholstered wooden box.  Price = 168,00





Kool Comrade 04 set

Pipe sock, round nylon cleaning brush and screwdriver incl.


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