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DIY Pipe carving

Looking for pipe-making materials ?
I can help you.
Mouthpieces (stems), plateau (shell) and ebauchon blocks, exotic ornamental wood, acrylic / lucite and ebonite / vulcanite bar materials, etc.
Among my plateau briar, I have extra-wide Algerian briar blocks, in my possession for some 10 years now.  Can't be found anymore.  Very, very rare.
Please contact me.

Make your own pipe.

Here are 3 examples.  More pre-drilled blocks in store.  Algerian, Spanish or Tuscan briar.  Can be fitted with a mouthpiece of your choice.  Ebonite or acrylic.  Pictues will come in some time.
Pipe making
DIY 02

Pipe making
Pipe making set
DIY 01

Meerschaum pipe
DIY 03
Meerschaum, incl. wax.
Very rare and so: hard to find.  Turkish laws prohibit the export of unfinished meerschaum products.


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