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E-Delacour pipes are made by me, starting from raw cut bowls.  Some from long gone pipe factories of Saint Claude, France.  Others are made out of premium Tuscan briar, raw materials from well known, high end factories from Italy.
These pipes are between 90-98% 'Made by Elie', and have the same excellent smoking qualities as those, made 100% by me.  I could have claimed they were entirely made by me 
(some other people do, even sell them on eBay as 'freehand pipe', even 'handmade pipe' !), but: "Honesty is the best policy". Why pay at least double for pipes that were made exactly the same way ?
 An E-Delacour is an honest,
nice looking, very good smoking pipe with lots of value for less money.  They are all unique in their own right.  Enjoy !

Hobbit Pipe / Churchwarden / Ladies' pipes / LOTR

E-Delacour 56
L= 263mm (>10") !!!
H= 38mm
W= 34mm
Tob.chamber= 17,5mm
Lip= 18mm
Weight= 39gr

95,00 (pipe sock and long cleaners not included. Out of stock.)

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