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Sorry, all sold out at the moment.
There might come new ones in a while.
If you want to be informed first when they are ready, please leave me a message. Or if you want to have a set custom build, please contact me.

New system
This is the new bottom-system
No screwdriver needed anymore.

And these are your accessories (included in the price):
  • Round cleaning brush
  • Some pipe cleaners
  • 2 High temp. silicone replacement rings (maybe never to be needed)
  • Some high temp. (1100C) anti-seize compound
  • A luxury pipe tool (model can be different from picture)
  • A pipe sock
  • The high quality Cr.-Van screwdriver (Made in Germany) isn't needed anymore, so not included.
More information:
These sets are equipped with the ESuperKool system
The mouthpiece was made out of Vulcanite (Ebonite) + acrylic tenon + Exotic wooden ring.
These pipe sets are not only of a unique character, but offer a smoking pleasure that far exceeds the other brands on the market.
Bowls are made out of very old Grecian shell briar, very old Grecian ebauchon briar, very old Cyprian ebauchon briar, the finest Tuscan ebauchon briar or very good Spanish ebauchon briar.

EKool GL09

GLo9 Boxed

This GL09 is a commissioned one.
The new bowl attachment system is pictured above. No screwdriver needed.
This set not only has the ESK-system for cooling, drying and filtering, but additionally a 9mm filter mouthpiece. EXTREME FILTERING !

EKool GL07

EKool GL07 :
Sorry, SOLD.

EKool GL05

EKool GL05 :
Sorry, SOLD

EKool GL03

EKool GL03 :
Matt gray anodized body.
Sorry, SOLD

EKool GL04

EKool GL04 :
Sorry, SOLD

EKool GL06

EKool GL06 :
Sorry, SOLD

EKool GL08

EKool GL08 :
Sorry, SOLD

EKool GL01

Sorry, SOLD !

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