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EKool radiator pipe

This new series will have EKool pipes with a special, luxurious touch.  All will come boxed with accessories and equipped with the latest, improved version of the Elie Super Kool system (ESK) to give you the very best in dry and cool smoking.  Superb tar filtering.  Unmatched by whatever other system pipe brands.

EKool radiator pipe
EKoolSp01 radiator pipe
EKoolSp01 radiator pipe
EKoolSp01 radiator pipe
EKoolSp01 radiator pipe
ESK filter pipe
Elie's Super Kool (ESK) drying, cooling and filtering system
EKoolSp01 radiator pipe

This set also includes:
- 1 little bag to put your things in (accessories, pipe cleaners, your favorite tin of tobacco, etc.)
- 1 round cleaning brush for the inside of the body (use alcohol, whisky or the like)
- 1 CrV screwdriver, made in Germany
- 1 spare heat resistant O-ring for the ESK and 1 for the front plug
- some anti-seize compound (1100C) for the front plug
- a fleece pipe sock

EKoolSp01 radiator pipe
EKoolSp01 radiator pipe

The mouthpiece is acrylic.
All 3 bowls are made of the finest Tuscan briar.

Weight of the pipe with the big bowl: 82grs.
Weights of the pipe with the smaller bowls: 74grs and 73grs (green bowl).

Lip: 20mm
Tobacco chamber (all bowls): 20mm

Price = 295,00

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