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A very special and unique edition in the ICE series.

ICE-pipes are build by hand.
Brazed assembly.
Never seen cooling capacity, thanks to the cooling ribs and the ESK-system.

Improved famous ESK system with heat-resistant silicone O-ring.

And these are your accessories (included in the price):

  • Round cleaning brush
  • A high temp. silicone replacement ring for the front screw (maybe never to be needed)
  • A high temp. silicone replacement O-ring for the ESK (maybe never to be needed)
  • Some high temp. (1100C) anti-seize compound for the front screw
  • A hand made fleece pipe sock
  • A CrV-screwdriver, made in Germany.
  • An instruction.
  • A baggy to put your accessories into, and maybe some EKool bowls you might purchase for this pipe. If you want to purchase some more bowls for this pipe (but not all will fit due to the cooling ribs):


More information:
This set comes equipped with the ElieSuperKool system
The mouthpiece was made out of Vulcanite (Ebonite) + wooden ring.  The tenon part is also ebonite.
These pipe sets are not only of a unique character, but offer a smoking pleasure that far exceeds the other radiator pipe brands on the market.
Bowl is made out of the finest Tuscan ebauchon briar.
Weight of the pipe: 79grs.
Length: 153mm
Height bowl: 80mm
Lip: 14mm
Tobacco chamber: 20mm

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