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A VERY special one to come soon.
ICEsp-pipes are build by hand.
Brazed assembly.
Never seen cooling capacity, thanks to the cooling ribs and the ESK-system.
Easy bowl change:

ICEsp #01 set
SORRY, this set is SOLD

And these are your accessories (included in the price):
  • ESK system for high-end smoking
  • Round cleaning brush
  • Some pipe cleaners
  • 2 High temp. silicone replacement rings (maybe never to be needed)
  • Some high temp. (1100C) anti-seize compound
  • A hand made fleece pipe sock
More information:
This set comes equipped with the ElieSuperKool system
The mouthpiece was made out of Vulcanite (Ebonite) + acrylic ring/tenon.
These pipe sets are not only of a unique character, but offer a smoking pleasure that far exceeds the other brands on the market.
Bowls are made out of very old Grecian shell briar and/or very old Grecian ebauchon briar and/or very old Cyprian ebauchon briar and/or the finest Tuscan ebauchon briar and/or very good Spanish ebauchon briar.

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