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title nippon

Grade = A
Handmade by Elie
Weight = 141grs (sitter)
Length = 170mm
Width = 70mm
Height = 89mm
Tobacco chamber = 26-20mm
Lip = 17mm
Filter = 9mm
Materials: Algerian plateau briar

Mouthpiece = acrylic, 100% handmade
  495,00 (upholstered wooden box incl.)

Note: This pipe originated in 2007.
You can see the original version here:

But I wasn't fully satisfied about it.  So, after a long while, I started reshaping, recoloring, making another mouthpiece, etc.  Sometimes in doubt, this project kept dragging on.
Now, when it was finished (finally satisfied...), and stamped
an A-grade on it, I noticed one or two, almost invisible imperfections on it, that had escaped me all that (long) time.  Probably, the buyer won't even notice.  But I know.  That's why I sized the price considerably down.  I give up. Many, many days have gone into the search for perfection for this wonderful pipe.
What the Japanese symbol means ?  I'll tell the buyer ;-)

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