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Pipe Pouches

Chacom tobacco pouch - Synth.material

(Color = Black / cardboard box slightly damaged)   13,00

Tobacco pouch #01, genuine leather: 12,00

Comoy's tobacco pouch #02, genuine leather: 15,00

Comoy's Gazelle tobacco pouch #04, genuine leather.  Some damages (see picture) but also unused: 10,00

Tobacco pouch #05, genuine leather: 13,00
Tobacco pouch #06 'Mondial' (not leather): 7,00

Pipe pouch, genuine suede leather.



Pipe + tobacco pouch, genuine leather.  Separate space for pipe and for tobacco. (Color = black)


Big Ben pouches (for very small pipe, or for some tobacco), genuine leather: only 7,00 each !

 Estate (used) plastic tobacco pouch: 2,00

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