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Pipe Stands

Pipe boxes

Pipe Racks

Original vintage shop dispays with clips.
The big ones on the outside are to be hanged on a wall.
The middle one has a stand.
Middle: 17x24,5cm = 30,00
Left and right: 24x30cm.
Left one: 30,00
Right one: 25,00 (text is a little blurred-printed)

Real briar pipe stands.  All unique shapes and sizes.

Only 8,00 each !

Buy 4, GET 5 !

Castleford 6,95  (order: PS01)

Plastic pipe stand  PSPL


Buy 5 --> Get 6 !

Hobbit Pipe Stand 02


Hobbit Pipe Stand 01

Commissioned / Not for sale
Hobbit pipe stands can be ordered, but every stand will be unique
(This one is Olive wood / Exotic burl wood and acrylic)


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