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The newest and LAST Symbio set !
(A custom build Symbio set can be ordered, but the price will be very, very different.  Brazing and finishing the body requires a lot of difficult work with a high probability of failure.)

Symbio 3 metal pipe
Symbio 3 metal pipe
Symbio 3 radiator pipe
Symbio 3 system pipe
Symbio 3 System pipe
ESK cooling system
Improved famous ESK system with heat-resistant silicone O-ring. Dry and cool smoke. Much less tongue bite.
Pipe accessories
- 1 little bag to put your things in (accessories, pipe cleaners, your favorite tin of tobacco, etc.)
- 1 round cleaning brush for the inside of the body (use alcohol, whisky or the like)
- 1 CrV screwdriver, made in Germany
- 1 spare heat resistant O-ring for the ESK and 1 for the front plug
- some anti-seize compound (1100C) for the front plug
- a fleece pipe sock
Boxed Symbio pipe set
Pipe box

Symbio 03 set

The mouthpiece was made out of acrylic.
This pipe set is not only a unique creation, but also offers a smoking pleasure that far exceeds the other radiator pipe brands on the market.
The big bowl is made out of the finest Spanish ebauchon briar and has a wonderful birdseye on one side and a beautiful grain on the other. The exotic wooden dish doesn't come in contact with the smoke.

The set comes boxed with the 3 pictured bowls.

(1 brass screw for the big bowl and 1 brass screw for the smaller ones)

Weight of the pipe with the big bowl: 120grs.
Weights of the pipe with the smaller bowls: 55grs and 57grs.

Diameter big bowl: 60mm
Height big bowl: 44mm
Lip: 19mm
Tobacco chamber: 20mm

Price = 315,00

Symbio Symbio 2 aluminum pipe set

Aluminum pipe set

Aluminum system pipe set

Symbio 02 set

Sorry, SOLD

Aluminum pipe set unique

Symbio 01 set

Sorry, SOLD

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