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Fully functional Hobbit pipe
Can be smoked 2 ways
Hobbit pipe
Hobbit pipe
Hobbit pipe
Hobbit pipe
Hobbit pipe
Sorry, need to fine tune to the right color temperature of my new LED photo setup.

The Shire #36
Method = E-Delacour (partially handmade)
Weight = 67grs (as Hobbit pipe)  66grs (as standard pipe)
Length 1 (Hobbit) = 297mm
Length 2 (Standard) = 193mm
Width = 49mm (on top)
Height = 34mm
Tobacco chamber = 20mm
Lip 1 (Hobbit) = 14mm
Lip 2 (Standard) = 20mm
Filter = No
Materials: Bowl = Tuscan briar
+ local hardwood (acacia?), lined with thin walled brass tube in order not to influence the taste and to prevent leaking through of tobacco juice.
Mouthpiece 'hobbit' = ebonite
Mouthpiece 'normal' = acrylic brown flamed
Finish: alcohol stain + French polish + prof. pipe wax.
195,00 both mouthpieces + 1 normal pipe sock (long pipe socks are out of stock)

Archive 'The Shire'
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sold and all available pipes.

Hobbit pipe  2013
Hobbit pipe 2014
Hobbit pipe  2015
Hobbit pipe   2016
Hobbit pipe   2019
Hobbit pipe   2020
Hobbit pipe   2023

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