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Elie's Comrade


Each bowl of an Elie's Comrade is unique.  They are not factory produced.  Made from fine and often very old briar from different origins (like Tuscany, Cyprus, etc.), olive wood or strawberry tree wood.  The body of the pipe is made of aluminum, the mouthpiece is nylon.  Elie's Comrades are the fusion of my bowl-design and that of the long gone factory that build the famous Quiet Comrade 3-way cooling system.

Far superior in cooling and drying tobacco smoke than any other system pipe,  available on the market.  That is... except for the ESuperKool system.

Can be smoked with or without filter.  Even used without the 6mm filter, you'll be amazed how much tar etc. will be held by the pipe.


- 6mm filters: 1,50/pack of 10 filters.
Buy 10, get 12 packs !



Available bowls and pipes

!!! There are only 2 original filter systems left.
These are the very last ones available !!!
1 blank aluminum body, 1 black body.
Quiet Comrade bodies with Elie's ESK system:
Click here:

Note: the pipes, shown, can be equipped with a mat black body (special high temperature paint).
Higher cooling capacity.
No surcharge.

Sorry, all sold out at the moment.

In some time, I'll post 2 complete pipes, (maybe a set with 3 bowls, boxed or not): one blank shiny aluminum, and one black.

No seperate bowls will be made/sold anymore, not even on special order.

#122 = SOLD

#121 = SOLD

#120 = SOLD

#119 = SOLD

#112 = SOLD

#113 = SOLD

#114 = SOLD

#115 = SOLD

 #117 = SOLD



Example of a 3 bowl set


(Set is custom made after you have chosen the bowls.  Picture only shows a sold  set.)

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