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From the raw materials of a long gone (1950's) system pipe factory, I've build a new aluminum (aluminum) machine age pipe.  In those days, these pipes were sold as 'Comet'. There was 1 model, polished and some variation in bowls.  Now, as 'EKool', they are available in many, many versions. You can assemble your own version now.  For some surcharge (ask information) you can even order a custom build.  Like special colors, custom build bowls, ornaments on the aluminum body, etc.

You can make several choices:
  • Choice #1: create your own straight EKool by choosing 1 bowl, 1 body and 1 mouthpiece. Included in the price: 1 hollow bowl screw, 1 high temp. silicon washer, 1 (unpainted, polished) front screw, 1 spare high temp. silicon washer  (that you probably won't ever need), some high temp. anti-seize grease, an instruction leaflet (send by email), a screwdriver (CrV, made in Germany), a pipe sock and a round nylon cleaning brush.
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    Bowls                    Bodies



    Simple, ornamental, 9mm filter or..... an ESuperKool mouthpiece that will give you the coolest and driest smoke you ever experienced !

    Choice #2:
    Choose your own gift set:
    Special offer:

  • A complete set for only 175,00 !
    This offer includes:
  • 1 custom upholstered wooden box.
  • 1 EKool body of your choice.
  • 3 EKool bowls of your choice (see page for available bowls).
  • 1 ESuperKool system with ebonite mouthpiece + acrylic ring.
  • 1 hollow bowl screw.
  • 1 high temp. silicon washer.
  • 1 Spare silicon washer.
  • 1 front screw.
  • Some high temp. (1100C) anti-seize grease.
  • An instruction leaflet. (send to you as a .pdf file).
  • 1 CrV-screwdriver  (made in Germany).
  • 1 round nylon cleaning brush.
  • 1 pipe sock.
The image below shows just an example.  Each box is upholstered after you made your choices.  The shape of the wooden box may vary, the upholstery fabric too.

  • Choice #3: buy a low cost EKool Naked Pipe: these pipes are seconds, fully functional, but without warranty on the coating, or they might have small flaws on the surface. But the price will surprise you (in a good way).
  • Choice #4: choose an EKool Curved, TriKool, Waldorf, etc.

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