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Pipe Filters

 Special sizes, hard to find !

Chacom Nr.4 (3,2mm diam.):

1,20/pack of 10 filters


5,00/box of 50 filters

Ermuri Nr.2 (4,2mm diam.):

1,20/pack of 10 filters.


1,50/pack of 10 Falcon filters

Right-hand side image: 9mm filters that can be used in all 9mm filter pipes

Vintage Falcon filters (collector's item): 3,00/box of 10

Vintage Falcon filters (collector's item): 5,50/box of 50 filters

Falcon Dry Rings

Red (vintage) : 1,50/pack of 25 rings

Blue : 1,50/pack of 25 rings

Jima filters

Metal electrostatic filters for Jima pipes (originals, vintage, RARE):

1 filter (can be cleaned)  4,00

Pack of 20: 47,00 (not 'sold out')

6mm filters

Various brands, various materials, according to what's available.

6mm = 1,50/box of 10    5,50/box of 50

Buy 10 boxes, get 12 !

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